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2022 Spay and neuter and vaccination clinics for your pets

    Best Friends Animal Society and The Parker Project are providing a spay/neuter/vaccination clinic in in Tonalea in December.

    To sign up for spay or neuter, for either clinic, go to The Parker Project web site, click on the Schedule Appointment button near the top, and choose the service you need, spay (female) or neuter (male) and the approximate weight of your dog or cat. (You CAN use a PO box, even though the form says you can’t. ) Space fills up ahead of time, so please sign up ASAP. If you have trouble submitting the form, email spayschedule@serengetifoundation or text (480) 569-4559|.

    2023 schedules are not available yet.

    Get your animals vaccinated against common core diseases to protect them. The basic core vaccination for puppies and dogs is against parvo and distemper. Puppies need a full series of vaccinations beginning at 6-8 weeks old, after they are weaned, to be fully protected. Another core vaccination for puppies and dogs is against rabies, and that should first be given by 3-4 months of age, and then a year later. For cats, the FVRCP vaccination against 3 common very infectious and deadly diseases for cats, also should be given beginning at 6-8 weeks of age to keep them healthy.

    The Parker Project mobile spay/neuter rig

    Reserve space online for your animals to be spayed or neutered at The Parker Project (click this link and then click on Schedule Appointment button on that page.) If you go to sign up, and those dates are not available for the kind of spay or neuter (dog or cat) you are looking for, that means that those dates have filled up for those slots. Spaces fill up way ahead! Look at the schedule and see if you are able to travel to other locations that still have space available.

    Tuba City clinic dates:

    February 12 & 13

    April 9 & 10

    June 25 & 26

    July 30 & 31 (Cancelled)

    August 27 & 28

    October 22 & 23

    The Parker Project (click this link and then click on Schedule Appointment button on that page.)

    For spay/neuter in Kayenta, go to the Western Agency Spay/Neuter & Pet Resource Center during open hours, Wednesday-Sunday, 12:00-4:00, and get your name on a wait list, and pay a $10 deposit fee. That is how it is working as of 3/11/22. The center is located off highway 163 near the Kayenta transfer station, and is about 2 miles north of the highway 160/163 junction. Take highway 163 heading north from the 160/163 junction towards the Kayenta Transfer Station, turn there, and then first left. For vaccinations and wellness services, they are open 11:00-4:00 every day, no appointment needed.

    Puppy Shots schedule

    Successful August Spay and Neuter and Vaccination Clinic in Tuba City

      Thank you to The Parker Project and veterinarian Dr. Kloer, Veterinary Tech Sam Bergeman, and Emerson, Amber, Sam and Cory, and volunteers Cierra, Roses, Fred, Peggy, Kevin, Erika, Julaire, and Merchelle for all the hard work of bringing these services to Tuba City on August 7 & 8, 2021. Thank you to Deb for feeding the volunteers. 80 spays and neuters were provided, and 350 vaccinations were given. Coconino Humane also came up to Tuba City and accepted 65 animals into their care. Thank you to everyone who participated in these services.

      Thank you to To’Nanees’Dizi Chapter for working with us on these clinics. We really appreciate everyone who helped these services to be successful.