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Donate to Arizona Statewide Spay/Neuter Efforts

Drive to Save LIves!

Brief Info about Licensing Plate Purchasing

ADOT’s page about Arizona Pet Friendly/Spay & Neuter plates.
This page provides brief information about the cost to purchase and renew a specialty plate and more.

Pet License Plate Purchasing

Pets enrich our lives, Arizona Pet Friendly License Plate

Go to:

  • Click Personalized/Specialty Plates option  (click Yes to continue)
  • Search for Pet Friendly/Spay & Neuter plate (click on picture)
  • Click Continue
  • Choose option for plate text and finish the purchase 

Donate to Spay/Neuter through your Arizona Taxes

Links directly to AZ Department of Revenue’s Form 140 –

Resident Personal Income Tax Form Page (non-fillable form)

  • Page 2 – Voluntary Gifts Section
  • Line item 74 – Spay/Neuter of Animals
  • Enter the amount you wish to contribute