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Silver’s Healing Journey

Silver and siblings

I was rescued with my littermates in August, 2022.  We all had mange, and unfortunately some of us got the dreaded Parvo. I was one of the lucky ones, and I recovered. And for a period of time, I was doing great. Just hanging around doing puppy stuff. You know … chewing, running, wrestling and puppy naps. 

I moved to a new foster home and things were still great, until they weren’t. I started losing weight and looking sick. I went to an emergency hospital for a check up and fluids and then I came home. But something was still wrong. My foster Mom.saw me wobbling and my food rolled out of my mouth. Not normal. We went to another Dr. and I was diagnosed with having Myasthenia Gravis with Megaesphagus. They took my blood and sent it away to a special place where they test for sicknesses like mine.  And I was positive. But again, I am so lucky because my rescue got me the medicine I needed. 

It takes a number of people to help my foster Mom Carol to take care of me. We have my super duper Dr and her clinic staff. And Cheryl and Marge make my special very high calorie meatballs. And Deb makes my geletin hydration cubes. I eat and get cuddled sitting up and I am improving so much. We recently sent off new blood samples to the lab to check my progress.  


The fun stuff is now I run so fast with my foster siblings Charlie and Snowball. I get to go to Doggie Day camp and I just started Obedience class too.  

The amazing stuff… My foster Mom Carol and me, heard from Dr. Dobbin (My favorite Dr.) and I am now normal for Myasthenia Gravis. Like, in remission!!!! We went back for x-rays of my esophagus too. We had my x-rays checked by a special Radiologist, and I am no longer a ME (Megaesophagus) doggie. 

Now we start on food adjustments and tapering my medications.  Please keep following for more updates and my much-anticipated Adoption posting.