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Lost and Found Pets Resources

Is Your Pet Lost?

A lost pet can be a frightening experience for any pet parent. Immediate action is crucial, but where do you start? Follow the steps below for the best chance of a reunion.

What to do immediately after your pet goes missing:

Walk the neighborhood: Take a walk around the immediate area and speak to any neighbors, postal service workers, landscapers, or anyone who may have seen your lost pet. You know your pet best, so look in areas that your pet may have been interested in or comfortable hiding in. Most pets are found close to home.

Share their scent: Put a couple of your pet’s favorite items near the most common entry ways into your home. The front door and the door into your yard would be the best locations. You can include items like their favorite bed, blanket, toys, their litterbox (if cat) and any other items they use frequently. Their scents may help them find their way home.

Next Steps:

If you have lost a pet, use the resources below to try and find your pet. Also, talk to your neighbors, post online, and definitely check with the resources that take in strays from your area.

Tuba City Humane Society does not have an animal shelter. The closest animal shelters to us are both in Flagstaff. Because there is no animal shelter in Tuba City, searching for a lost pet is somewhat decentralized. Definitely contact the shelters listed below, also you can text Tuba City Humane Society at (928) 793-2364 with your name and a photo of the missing animal. Also check with Navajo Nation Animal Control in case they picked up your animal. They do not hold animals very long, because they are very limited on space. Animals from the Western Agency are often taken to the Navajo Nation Animal Control facility in Many Farms.

High Country Humane has the contract to take in stray and unwanted animals from Coconino County. High Country Humane: (928) 526-0742, open 11-5 standard time every day.

Coconino Humane Association takes in animals from our area when they have space. Coconino Humane Association: (928) 526-1076, open 10:30-5:00 M-F, 10:30-4:00 Saturday, standard time, closed Sunday.

Navajo Nation Animal Control in Tuba City is opeb again (as of 2023). This is the number for the local animal control facility: (928) 283-3089. If they don’t answer, leave a message. Also, you can contact the Dispatch for Navajo Nation Animl Control by calling (928) 871-6491 or 871-7041.

If you are missing a pet, from Tuba City or within Coconino County, you can contact Navajo Nation Animal Control, call High Country Humane during open hours or check Lost and Found Pet listings on Facebook. The Facebook places to check include: Tuba City Humane Society, The Best Damn Tuba City Online Yard Sale, Lost Pets of Northern Arizona, Lost and Found Pets of the Navajo Nation Group.

  1. Search for your lost dog or cat on Petco Love Lost: We have partnered with Petco Love Lost to easily help search the national lost and found database and create a searchable/shareable alert for your missing pet. Upload a picture of your pet or searching by location. Powered by image recognition technology, Petco Love Lost helps match found animals to reported lost pets nationwide. Visit Petco Love Lost and search now!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to register your pet on Petco Love Lost to do things like create a Lost listing that can be shared and print out premade fliers. You can also receive fliers via text message or email.

  • Use the sharing features on Petco Love Lost to distribute your lost pet listing on other social media outlets like Facebook, Craigslist, and Nextdoor.
  • Make sure your pet’s microchip information is updated: If a finder takes your missing pet to be scanned for a microchip, you want to make sure that all the information is correct so that you will be contacted immediately.
  • Check with your local animal services, animal control, and animal shelters: Call to see if your missing pet is at one of these locations. An in-person trip is preferable so you can look and see if your pet is in their care. Many organizations allow you to place a lost report with them, where you can leave a photo of your pet and your contact information.
  • Continue to spread the word about your missing pet: Make sure any posters or fliers made are large and bright with only relevant information on it. Place in high traffic areas and in the vicinity of where your lost pet went missing.
  • Don’t give up! Finding a lost pet can take time. Remember to regularly check websites that you have posted your lost pet on and make updates as needed. New lost and found pets are added regularly to Petco Love Lost and to your local shelters.