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Successful August Spay and Neuter and Vaccination Clinic in Tuba City

    Thank you to The Parker Project and veterinarian Dr. Kloer, Veterinary Tech Sam Bergeman, and Emerson, Amber, Sam and Cory, and volunteers Cierra, Roses, Fred, Peggy, Kevin, Erika, Julaire, and Merchelle for all the hard work of bringing these services to Tuba City on August 7 & 8, 2021. Thank you to Deb for feeding the volunteers. 80 spays and neuters were provided, and 350 vaccinations were given. Coconino Humane also came up to Tuba City and accepted 65 animals into their care. Thank you to everyone who participated in these services.

    Thank you to To’Nanees’Dizi Chapter for working with us on these clinics. We really appreciate everyone who helped these services to be successful.