Low-Cost Spay/Neuter in Tuba City

Thank you to Arizona Pet Friendly License Plate and to the Tuba City Community Fund for awarding grant funds to us, so that we can offer a lower cost spay/neuter program for dogs and cats in Tuba City. Our veterinary service provider, Dr. Carol Holgate, of Desert View Veterinary Clinic, will provide the surgeries. Please contact her directly to schedule an appointment for spay/neuter surgery. Low-cost spay/neuter services are one of the primary tools to reduce animal overpopulation and combat pet homelessness. Please help us spread the word!


Download flier.

We Need Your Help

eddie_momma_dog092916aIn September, 2016, Tuba City Humane Society helped 42 animals. In August, we helped 37 animals. Many of our animals come into rescue with medical issues that need to be addressed. From mange, to tick disease, some puppies test positive for parvo or giardia or coccidia. Not writing this to scare you, but it is the actual situation for many of our rescues that they require veterinary care, which is expensive, and we at Tuba City Humane Society scramble to raise funds to cover the cost of their care.

The backbone of our organization are people who are willing to foster a dog or cat, puppy or kitten, a litter of puppies, or a momma dog and puppies, whatever fits for the person, as they get to decide who they are willing to foster. We need more foster homes, in both Tuba City and Flagstaff. If you foster an animal for us, we will support your efforts, and walk you through any issues that might arise. Tuba City Humane Society pays for all veterinary care, and we work with veterinarians in both Flagstaff and Tuba City. You provide the love and care. We are very responsive to our foster homes.

kiwi_wpuppies092516If you foster a puppy, in addition to love, you will have to figure out house training, making sure that puppy has access to the outdoors to pee and poop, every few hours. Crate training is recommended, in an area where the puppy can see you, hopefully in your bedroom, or nearby.

When we have foster homes, not only can an animal learn and be socialized to what it is like living in a home environment, but you as the foster will learn a lot about the animal, to help advocate for the best match when it comes time for adoption. Without a foster home, our animals go to the shelters in Flagstaff or other rescue groups to find their forever homes. We are very grateful to our rescue partners. In order to continue rescuing, we have to move animals other places, to have space to take in new animals that need our help.

In addition, all of our animals are provided veterinary care. We depend on your donations to help us pay for veterinary costs.

So you can see, we need your help at every step. The only way we can continue to rescue is with your participation and help. Thank you for supporting the work that we do!

July 2016 Rescues

Every animal has it’s own story, and rescue is full of stories. One little girl, Purdy, was rescued with a terrible case of sarcoptic mange. A puppy, Coco, tested positive for parvo, and her foster family treated her at home with sub-q fluids and antibiotics. A Russian Blue little kitten, Indy, was found by someone visiting in Tuba City, and had issues with her eyes, ear mites, and with poop, but soon stabilized. We are all volunteer and rely on your support to help fund veterinary costs. You can donate to us through PayPal to tubacityhumane@gmail.com or by mail at P.O. Box 1016, Tuba City, AZ 86045. Thank you for caring about the rez animals!

June 2016 Rescues

Look at these faces! Please help support our ability to rescue. We are heading into summer when lots of animals need our help. It costs us about $5000 every 3 months to pay for veterinary costs. We can not continue to rescue without your donations.

Please continue to support us. Donate online through PayPal. Just click on the link to the right, or PayPal to tubacityhumane@gmail.com. Thank you so much!